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Willa Ulricha


A place full of history

It is right here that the owning family of this magnificent horticultural holding lived, being involved in the cultivation of exotic plants and fruit.

The Willa Ulricha will be reopened as a food court area and recreational space with an informal, creative atmosphere.

The extraordinary history of this building can be seen, for instance, in the external walls with in-built wooden windows equipped with brass handles and finished with finely-grooved wooden panels up to the height of 1.5 metres. This is a reference to the common method of wall decoration at the time of its construction.

willa ulricha

A meeting and common dining venue

A space of relaxation and entertainment

A place for organising conferences and other cultural, social and business events.

As much as 466 sqm of total usable area – the ground floor, the lower ground area and the first floor.


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