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A place at the heart of the city where pineapple plants blossom


The first iron greenhouse for growing pineapples in Warsaw was absolutely sensational in 1835!

In 1958, after the death of the last owner, the holding was nationalised. It started to lose its former glory as the years went by. In 1976, the Park was entered into the Register of Historical Monuments, as were the Szklarnie, the Willa Ulricha and the Zielona Chata in 2001.

We are revitalising the greenhouses!

The western greenhouse will feature numerous restaurants and diners offering diverse and healthy eating options.

The eastern greenhouse will offer recreational areas and a place for hanging out with your family and friends.

It will also provide a comfortable working space surrounded by greenery.

The greenhouses are linked together by means of an underground masonry connection channel. The characteristic built-in brick chimneys are a relic of the past heating boiler facilities.

driven by green energy

Ogrody Ulricha will be overflowing with greenery, not only the green colour but also green (energy-efficient) and sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions.

szklarnie ulricha

Dining and food service premises from 15 to 155m2

seating facilities

Total usable area 1,248m2

Parking spaces for clients’ cars and (motor)bikes

Internet access

Energy-efficient heating and lighting systems

Brick flooring

Balanced decor

Impressive orangeries


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